HYPERMETAL – Metal Additive Manufacturing

Fundesko completes investment in Metal Additive Manufacturing by investing in Hypermetal

The Spanish company Fundesko, with over 40 years of experience in injected foundry of aluminium and zamak, has made a significant investment in Hypermetal, the Portuguese company specialized in Metal Additive Manufacturing.

Afonso Nogueira, founder of Hypermetal, states:

“The long relation and trust we have with Fundesko, along with the shared values, were crucial in our decision to partner with them. Their diversification plans perfectly match our expansion strategy. We will benefit from their industrial experience and gain a new dimension, which is critical to remain competitive and continue providing high quality services as the technology awareness and demand continues to increase.”

For Eduardo Perez, General Manager of Fundesko, this is a particularly important investment for the company: 

“The main benefit will be to provide a complete service to our foundry costumers – we compete in a market not directed to the automotive sector in which the series are medium or short. With the access to additive manufacturing, we can offer a solution for single parts, very small series or in cases where a mold is not economically feasible. It is a complement that we can give to our customers.

On the other hand, associating with Hypermetal allows us to be in contact with the latest technology and develop new markets. The collaboration between the 2 organizations will create synergies that will enable both companies to grow and become stronger.”