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We provide digital badges as a benefit of earning an AWS Certification to showcase certification status. Participate in remote and in-person events that focus on the creation and review of exam content. Find out about upcoming exam updates, beta exams, and new certifications as they become available. You can also access your AWS Certified benefits, such as your digital badge and 50% discount voucher for a future exam.

  • So, you’ve been diving deep into the world of SaaS, and are thinking about validating your expertise with an industry certification.
  • Eager to learn more, he earned his Security+ certification and began a career in cybersecurity.
  • For exam mode and training mode you will be presented with an overall score at the end of the exam with a pass/fail message.
  • All Infosec training maps directly to the NICE Workforce Framework for Cybersecurity to guide you from beginner to expert across 52 Work Roles.
  • Each type of cloud service and deployment method provides you with different levels of control, flexibility, and management.

However, we recommend taking both to help you understand the whole picture. For all practice exams, you get a breakdown of results for each knowledge area category so you can evaluate your performance and understand your strengths and weaknesses. Before starting the exam at home you are asked to photograph your identity document, your face, and your workspace from a few different angles, and the online proctor aws certified security specialist may ask you questions about your workspace. During the exam, your webcam and microphone must remain on all the time and you cannot leave the room nor let anyone in. Skip the server racks and spin up a realistic environment with one click. Infosec Skills cyber ranges require no additional software, hardware or server space so your team can spend less time configuring environments and more time learning.

AWS Skill Builder and relevant training from AWS

Another video resource I recommend is Architecture for Security on AWS. This is a 90 minute webinar presented by our very own Scale Factory CEO/CTO Jon Topper that gives you a bird’s eye view of all the security tools you can leverage in AWS. It’s a great introduction to security in AWS and covers lots of the security topics at a high level.

aws certified security specialist training

These live webinars led by accredited AWS instructors will help prepare you for AWS Certification exams. Explore our role-based certifications for those in Cloud Practitioner, Architect, Developer, and Operations roles, as well as our Specialty certifications in specific technical areas. Dive deeper and position yourself as a trusted advisor to your stakeholders and/or customers in these strategic areas. Refer to the exam guides on the exam pages for recommended experience. Knowledge-based certification for foundational understanding of AWS Cloud.

How Beneficial is AWS Certified Specialty to Professionals?

AWS Certified Specialty is incredibly beneficial to existing field engineers and technicians as it helps you develop new skills. Not only that, but it’s a way to get your foot in the door and find new freelance jobs. There’s a demand from SMBs for AWS Certified Security Specialists, and the average salaries are more than impressive across the board.

  • We provide digital badges as a benefit of earning an AWS Certification to showcase certification status.
  • An ongoing relationship, providing access to our AWS expertise at any time.
  • Learn about what to expect with scheduling your exam, identification requirements, exam functionality, relevant policies, and more.
  • The job responsibilities of an AWS Certified Specialist differ depending on the company you’re working for.

The security exam has a passing score of 750 so each time I practised a mock exam or a set of sample questions I checked if I got at least 75% of the answers right. This confirmed I was ready for the exam and highlighted some of the areas which I needed to review (usually related to IAM and KMS). The AWS Certified Security – Specialty certification allows experienced cloud security professionals to demonstrate and validate their knowledge about how to secure the AWS platform. Based on Global Knowledge’s 2020 IT Skills and Salary Report, the AWS Certified Security – Specialty certification is one of the top 10 most popular cybersecurity certifications of 2020. Additionally, the survey found that 96 percent of IT leaders believe team members with cybersecurity certifications add value to their organizations.

The Latest in AWS Certification

Although I found the book useful as its content is very hands-on, there are lots of spelling mistakes, typography issues, and awkward phrasing. This included few wrong commands, mainly due to misprints and poor typesetting. It’s a shame as the book could have massively been improved with some editing. The trainer has been wonderful and made the learning process very easy. He emphasized on labs and covered all the topics even if he had to give extra time.

aws certified security specialist training

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