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Located in Vila Nova de Gaia, in the north of Portugal, in Hypermetal we are dedicated to producing metal parts by additive manufacturing, creating specific parts according to the need of each Client.

Focused on quality and on the support of your technical team, we develop engineering solutions in the different areas in which we operate and produce parts in the following materials:
– Aluminum
– Tool steel
– Stainless steel
– Inconel
– Cobalt Chromium
– Titanium

At Hypermetal we rely on CNC machining, shot blasting equipment with glass microspheres for surface cleaning and on a chamber furnace for heat treatments, which allows us to perform dimensional stability/hardening treatments according to the final application of the part as intended by the customer.
We also assure any surface finishes and tolerances that the Client intends, resulting in a final product according to the functional and aesthetic requirements.


Be a reference partner to innovative companies, providing a quality-centered service and focusing on innovative solutions for design and manufacturing of parts through additive manufacturing.


Focus on quality;
Commitment to the ambitions of our customers;
Flexibility: careful and personalized monitoring of each project;
Dynamism: speed of execution;
Continuous learning.


State-of-the-art equipment for the efficient production of all projects.

Renishaw AM400
Renishaw RenAM500E
Cabin with controlled atmosphere
Guyson - Bead Blasting
Russel Finex - Powder Sieving
Nabertherm - Heat Furnace
Haas - CNC machining centre
Fat - Semi-auto Band-Saw