Hypermetal sponsert XXXV Jornadas de Terapêutica an der ICBAS do Universidade do Porto

Hypermetal ist ein stolzer Sponsor der XXXV Jornadas de Terapêutica am ICBAS an der Universidade do Porto. Dieses Jahr werden die Jornadas de Terapêutica vom 16. bis 18. Mai 2024 stattfinden. Diese Veranstaltung umfasst mehrere wissenschaftliche Konferenzen, Kurse, ein Kulturprogramm und die 25. Ausgabe des Silva Araújo Preises für wissenschaftliche Arbeiten von Medizinstudenten. Hypermetal ist bereits eine Referenz im Industrie- und Raumfahrtsektor und möchte in Zukunft eine Referenz im medizinischen Sektor werden.

Erfahren Sie mehr: https://www.jornadasdeterapeutica.pt/

Hypermetal sponsert 2024 Ausgabe der Jornadas METALMAT VII, an der Faculdade de Engenharia da Universidade do Porto

Hypermetal – Metal Additive Manufacturing hatte die Ehre, die 2024 Ausgabe der Jornadas METALMAT VII zu sponsern, in der Abteilung für Werkstoffe und Metalltechnik der Faculdade de Engenharia da Universidade do Porto, organisiert vom Núcleo de Estudantes de Engenharia Metalúrgica e de Materiais, NucMMat. Am 16. April 2024 vertrat Filipe Silva die Firma Hypermetal und sprach über seine Erfahrungen mit der Additiven Fertigung von Metallen als Dienstleistung für verschiedene Industrien.

Foto von Núcleo de Estudantes de Engenharia de Materiais FEUP

Hypermetal nimmt an der Mission des britischen Verbandes der Eisenbahnindustrie in Portugal teil

Am 11. April nahm Hypermetal an der Mission des britischen Eisenbahnindustrieverbandes in Portugal teil und besuchte die CP- Comboios de Portugal Wartungseinheit in Contumil, zusammen mit dem PFP- Portugiesischen Eisenbahncluster-Plattformverband. Hypermetal wurde von seinem technischen Direktor, Filipe Silva, vertreten.  Hypermetal konzentriert sich auf die Bereitstellung von schnellen und innovativen Lösungen für die Wartung für die Eisenbahnindustrie durch additive Fertigung von Metallen.

EN 9100

Exciting news from Hypermetal!

We are thrilled to announce that we are currently implementing the EN 9100 quality management system for our metal additive manufacturing services.
We expect to have the Quality Management System certified by an internationally accredited certification entity in a few months.

At Hypermetal, we are committed to delivering the highest quality metal additive manufacturing solutions to our clients, and implementing the EN 9100 standard is an important step towards achieving this goal. This internationally recognized standard specifies the requirements for a quality management system in the aerospace industry.

By implementing the EN 9100 standard, we are able to ensure that our products and services consistently meet the high standards demanded by the aerospace industry, and that we are continually improving our processes and procedures to provide our clients with the best possible solutions.

We look forward to continuing to provide exceptional metal additive manufacturing services with the highest level of quality assurance.

Hypermetal is sponsoring the 4th Doctoral Congress in Engineering

We are very proud to announce that we are sponsoring the 4th Doctoral Congress in Engineering. The event will be held on the 28th to 29th of June, 2021 fully online.

DCE21 is an event organized by FEUP with 13 symposiums about different areas of engineering. It is always an excellent opportunity for doctoral students, of the several areas of engineering, to discuss their on-going research with peers, professors and industry/companies. It is also great for potential industry partners to contact a broad audience of engineers which will soon be looking to move on to the industry.


Symposium on Biomedical Engineering
Symposium on Chemical and Biological Engineering
Symposium on Civil Engineering and Spatial Planning
Symposium on Electrical and Computer Engineering
Symposium on Engineering Physics
Symposium on Environmental Engineering
Symposium on Informatics Engineering
Symposium on Materials Science and Engineering
Symposium on Mechanical Engineering
Symposium in Mining and Geo-Resources Engineering
Symposium on Occupational Health and Safety
Symposium on Sustainable Energy Systems
Symposium in Transport Systems

You can find the full information about the event here: https://paginas.fe.up.pt/~dce/2021/.

Safety and Environment in Additive Manufacturing Facilities

At the beginning of the year we had the opportunity to participante in a training about Safety and Environment in additive manufacturing facilities organized by ISQ Academy.

This training was within the scope of SAM Project – Sectoral Skills Strategy for Additive Manufacturing. This a very interesting project that meets the current European need to develop an effective system to identify and aticipate the skills approriate to the demands of the various sectors in which AM technologies are applied.

What we learned allowed us to confirm and solidify the implementation of safe and environmental practices.

We want to thank ISQ Academy for this amazing opportunity. We hope to be together again very soon!

Hypermetal is now represented on M-Hub App

The global app for Plastic Industry has more than 1000 companies registered on their community.

There, you can find lots of different products and solutions.

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Summer 2020

The two sisters working side by side!
Maraging Steel for mould inserts in the Renishaw RenAM500E and Stainless Steel for automotive and design parts in the AM400

We continue working full time during the summer, send us your requests today!

Proud to be Your Metal Additive Solution!

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Hybrid Inserts for Moulds

When a mould insert has a base with a simple geometry and straight cooling channels plus a complex top portion, it can be obtained by hybrid production: CNC machining + Metal AM

The complexity of the interior channels in the top makes it impossible to be produced by traditional technologies.
This way the additive portion of the part is done only where it really adds the value, resulting in an economical solution.

In Hypermetal we have the engineering capacity and all the equipment to provide the complete service, from the design of the channels, machining the bases, printing the top and finally hardening the parts by heat treatment.

Proud to be Your Metal Additive Solution!